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  • CIO Event Highlights

    6th September 2017

    Madejski Football Stadium, Reading


    No one buys a computer anymore. The transition from integrated to embedded​

    The concept of a business or individual owning a computer is already diluted. The transition to the cloud means businesses and consumers buy a service not a machine to perform many of the tasks they used to do on a computer. What is the logical extrapolation for the cloud. What technologies and components will it drive. Thomas Watson's famous prediction "I think there is a world market for maybe 5 computers" may not seem so stupid one day. However the prevalence of computer technology in our other tools is becoming a cliche. Connected vehicles, wearables, smart factories and smart cities, enabled by Miniaturisation and cost reduction in sensor technology and advances in data analytics. Add in AI and these trends fuel a revolution in lifestyles where human interaction is increasingly important and other tasks are increasingly automated.

    Transforming Traditional IT for Digital Delivery


    Technology is changing faster than ever before yet for too many organisations internal IT teams are stuck with legacy approaches which fail to grasp the opportunities the digital revolution affords. Consumerisation, mobility, big data, cloud and social are driving this disruption and fundamental shifts in the expectations of employees and customers.

    In this presentation James will share experience and learnings from the IoD where their Information Technology team has evolved into a new Information and Digital Services capability.

    Emerging Technology Operating Model


    As Cloud, Digital and Big Data technologies become mature and mainstream the challenge for CIOs and CTOs is to manage them alongside more conventional IT delivery and operating models.

    Whether an organisation truly adapts “two speed IT” or not the modern CIO and CTO needs to consider and balance the impact of these trends on their traditional IT processes, system landscape, resources and capabilities.

    In this session, Amitabh will outline his views on such emerging technology operating models and key considerations in their definition.

    The Connected Enterprise – how digital transformation influences your organisation

    To transform your organisation for the digital age and meet your customers' expectations of a modern business - to grow and evolve, to innovate and drive efficiency - your network must be at the heart of everything you do. The right network evolves to unlock your organisation's potential and puts it streets ahead of your competitors. Getting it wrong can halt progress.

    That's why your choice of network is the most important decision you'll make for the future of your organisation.

  • CMO Event Highlights

    6th September 2017

    Madejski Football Stadium, Reading


    Self-Interest and Sustainability, when technology meets transportation

    Across B2B sectors there is frequently a conflict between publicly expressed decision drivers and those more privately held. To be successful businesses must address sometimes contradictory customer values in forming both their strategies and day to day tactics. A case in point is the global transport industry where wafer-thin margins and unforgiving customer conditions are seemingly at odds with the 'priority' of sustainability goals. This session will look at how selectively adopting technology components from the 'gig economy' and the work of a 1950's psychologist can help make the difference between lip-service and engagement.

    Achieving Peak “Insightment”


    Clients have changed. Research is evolving. We need a new kind of hero.
    Merely uncovering insights is not enough. We must also make them actionable.
    You can be that hero. You can become the champion of change. You can help your clients achieve “Peak Insightment.” Get your insights across. Don’t merely hand over your insights and hope for the best. Influence your audience. If you embrace the power of emotion, empathy and context, both you and your organization will climb untold peaks.

    Building a Measurable Demand Generation Model


    Demand generation programmes form the heart of many organisations’ marketing efforts, yet the ability to effectively structure them in a way that delivers a cohesive strategy across multiple tactics with measurable and profitable results, can be hit and miss. In this presentation, Chris Willman, Head of Regional Marketing at RSA, will discuss the principles of how to create, model, implement and measure an effective demand generation programme utilising multiple aspect of marcomms strategy.

    Customer Experience, Customer Journeys and Channel Shift.

    The presenter will explain the need to construct an optimised CX across the whole Customer Journey.
    Delivering a good CX is rarely a single channel proposition and effective use of
    an omni-channel offer is key to delivering service quality for customers and the organisation.
    This requires having the analytics from all channels readily available so that true Channel Shift can be measured.

  • CISO Event Highlights

    6th September 2017

    Madejski Football Stadium, Reading


    Our Future is the Blockchain technology




    Blockchain is a shared single version of the truth of anything digital. It is a database technology, a distributed ledger that maintains an ever growing list of data records, which are decentralised and impossible to tamper with. The data records, which can be a Bitcoin transaction or a smart contract or anything else for that matter, are combined in so-called blocks. No matter what the context, there’s a strong possibility that blockchain will affect your business. The very big question is when.


    Detect, respond to and neutralize cyber threats before they cause damage to your business.

    Threat actors are becoming more advanced—and more successful. And your attack surface is rapidly expanding through the cloud, mobile, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Prevention-based tactics are no longer enough to keep your company safe.

    Threat Lifecycle Management (TLM) is a framework that puts you a step ahead of your attackers by providing an end-to-end security workflow that combines people, process, and technology. It empowers your team by sorting through the noise to highlight and investigate high-priority threats


    Securing the IoT, is that even possible?




    With a lack of specific legislation, or even a code of security conduct for IoT device and chipset manufacturers how can this new Wild West be tamed? This presentation will show you exactly what’s wrong with the IoT, using live demos and plenty of anecdotal security industry evidence. From the car, to the kitchen and even Digital Video Recorders the IoT is everywhere, used by criminals to create large scale DDoS attacks and by marketers to gather ever more data. We’ll also show you how to minimise the risk it poses to the organisation, and the individual.

  • HR Event Highlights

    6th September 2017

    Madejski Football Stadium, Reading


    The IT-HR Marriage

    Ways of ensuring new technology drives return on investment and improves the marriage with human capital" - Lessons from a Case Study
    IT initiatives are only successful if people in the organisaton can implement them successfully and consistently. IT projects are often frustrated and delayed not necessarily due to lack of resources or a poor technology build but issues mainly related to the end users – the people in the company

    Keep moving or die - the shark tank of employee engagement


    This roundtable will discuss:

    Why employee engagement is good for your business

    Constantly striving to improve the employee experience

    HR “initiative fatigue”

    Where does ownership lie?

    Measuring engagement

    Big gorilla or lots of monkeys



    Mind your language and make money: how words build strong cultures and profitable businesses

    how does language unconsciously shape your company’s culture? what can you learn from the businesses that are getting it right? what are the risks of getting it wrong and the pitfalls to avoid ? why should caring for culture be top of your leadership agenda?
    what can you do right now to make your words work harder?

    Using technology to inform employee engagement strategies


    The opportunities and limits of technology to drive employee engagement and subsequent productivity

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