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  • GDPR Ready?
    15th November 2017
    Madejski Stadium, Reading UK

    With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline fast approaching it's never been more critical for businesses of all sizes to ensure they understand the implications. This event will provide you with a better understanding of the regulation and provides a road map to compliance.

    How will GDPR affect your business?

    Do you have a strategy in place for your Security department? What about the IT, Marketing & HR departments?

    Brexit isn't going to save you from GDPR, it coming and you need to be ready for it.


    Significant penalties can be imposed on employers that breach the GDPR, including fines of up to €20 million or 4% of annual worldwide turnover, whichever is greater. It's not enough just to be compliant, you will also have to be able to demonstrate compliance.

    Dedicated GDPR Streams for:

    IT | Security | Marketing | HR

    300 attendees

    Event App to help you with networking

    20+ speakers

    Keynote Presentations

    Ted Style Presentations

    1 Hour Workshops (learn & takeaway)

    1 Hour Roundtable Discussions


    Who Should Attend?




    Company Secretaries

    Compliance Officers

    Data Protection Officers


    IT, Security, Marketing & HR teams

    Any employee with a responsibility for managing data

    Consultants looking to network


    But the last thing we want to do is put you in a box, if you wish to attend, you can.


  • Speakers Include

    Mark Runacus


    Chairman at DMA UK


    GDPR-inspired customer-centricity presents an opportunity for more honest and transparent customer relationships


    Business leaders should not view GDPR as merely a legal and compliance box-ticking exercise. Those that do will probably fall short of customer expectations. Viewing it as an opportunity to establish a more honest and transparent relationship with customers will create a company-wide rallying cry, ensuring more people get behind it, improving collaboration, and creating longer-lasting benefits. This session explains how business leaders will win by defining, leading, and delivering their own vision for a GDPR-inspired customer-centric approach. We will also review the DMA’s latest GDPR research amongst UK businesses, and the latest ICO/DMA guidance.

    Douglas Silverstone


    Head of Data

    at Thames Valley Housing


    Doing the right thing first, GDPR follows

    There is lots to panic about with GDPR, the fines, the new rights, timescales ect, and it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by the scale of the task. This session aims to take a step back from GDPR, and look at it from another perspective. That being what would our customers expect?
    Doing this lets you take a customer focused view of a GDPR program and then design a service around it, rather than bolting GDPR on to existing and often floored processes.
    In this session we’ll take a look at how Thames valley housing approached GDPR, and look at how many of the requirements help give our tenants a better user experience.

    Anthony Wong


    Group Marketing Director

    at Quint Group


    GDPR Demystified!


    "What you need to do to get ready
    • What you need to change on site
    • What tools and content you need to capture leads properly
    • What you need to understand the bigger impact of how to make sure you are compliant and what to do (exactly) if you are not
    • Also - what if we have Brexit - do we still then fall part of this ruling in the UK (domiciling how does this affect the rulings)
    • What small business owners or affiliates need to know
    • Also email marketing - do’s and don’ts under GDPR

    Tom Moore


    IP & IT Solicitor at Stephens Scown






    Look at the GDPR and why it isn't all doom and gloom. Run through of headline implications but also the things businesses should be doing anyway to ensure they're beyond compliance come May 18.

    Tim Burnett


    Senior Cyber Security Architect at Atos



    Why technology alone won't solve GDPR


    As many IT leaders will be only too aware from all of the marketing emails and other hype, security vendors are desperately trying to push their products by promising to "solve" the GDPR problem. However, it is very clear that there is no technology silver bullet that will make you compliant. In this session, Tim will discuss the role that cyber technology can take, but also help to identify the gaps that need to be filled through other approaches.


    Speaker TBC


    Head of Business IT at Advantage Business Partnerships


    CRM and the role in making GDPR a competitive advantage


    The role of the CRM in business and GDPR has many aspects which when explored open up possibilities that may not be obvious and may challenge perceptions.
    The CRM is often perceived as the main source of personal data but how true is that?
    This session is to explore those possibilities at a discovery level to help the audience reach their own conclusions and form thoughts on actions which could deliver competitive advantage.

    William Richmond Coggan


    Partner at Pitmans Law


    Inform me, protect me, transfer me, forget me


    Every stage of the life-cycle of a data subject's relationship with the controller, from the information to be provided and recorded to a new data subject, through to a strengthened and clarified "right to be forgotten", will undergo significant upheaval as a consequence of the GDPR's implementation in 2018. This session will cover the ways in which the rights of a data subject will have to be considered and safeguarded throughout that life-cycle, under the new regulation.

    Speaker TBC




    When to ask for explicit consent


    Under the GDPR, the concept of consent is being strengthened, with a number of new rules, requiring organisations to provide more transparency. In addition to the existing requirement that consent is freely given, specific and informed, consent must now be “unambiguous” and given “by a statement or clear affirmative action.” This session aims to clear up the confusion and give you an understanding of consent.

    Julie Lock


    Service Development Director at MHR


    Business Leaders You Need To Know The Truth About Appraisals


    • What a CEO really needs to know about their workforce
    • Why managers should care about what their employees need
    • How to stop paying on average £1700 per employee, per year to demotivate them
    • What you can do to engage and motivate your workforce all year round and retain top talent

    Dhivya Venkatachalam

    Data Governance, Compliance and Strategy Adviser

    Lal Hussain


    Director, IT Applications

    at Insight


    GDPR, the compliance journey


    Charting the journey undertaken by Insight to achieve a GDPR compliance strategy. We'll examine how, for Insight, the interplay of People, Process, Products and Partners is critical to enable a consistent approach to enable success.

    Speaker TBC





    GDPR lead generation


    What does GDPR mean for our sales teams? Double opt-in marketing lists are, naturally, smaller. So you’re going to have a smaller pool of prospects from marketing. As a result, you’ll have to put more effort into pulling in your own leads if you want quantity.


    Ian West

    Former VP at Cognizant


    Title and Synopsis TBC

    Other topics include


    The right to be forgotten
    When to ask for explicit consent
    Preventing ICO fines
    Behavioral change for management teams/workforce
    Understanding responsibilities for data processing



    Other topics include


    The right to be forgotten
    When to ask for explicit consent
    Preventing ICO fines
    Behavioral change for management teams/workforce
    Understanding responsibilities for data processing



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