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    #ExecLN Events centre around 1-2-1 business meetings and an end user driven agenda.


    We are a "Meet the Buyer" event and specialise in brokering pre-qualified introductions between our sponsors & delegates


  • A 90 second overview

  • The Agenda


    Working collaboratively with our Event Leaders, our topics are of emerging trends and focused specifically on the challenges faced by businesses today.


    We take the time to individually understand current projects, goals and the problems faced by our Executive Leaders and the events are designed specifically to explore solutions that meet those needs, inspire innovation and provide the opportunity to share strategic best practice among peer groups.

    The Sessions


    Our sessions are a mixture of Keynotes, Ted Inspired - short, powerful talks with key takeaways, Roundtable discussions & PechaKucha Style Presentations


    Roundtables are limited to 8/10 delegates and a presentation slot usually has 25/40 delegates, whilst the opening keynote is attended by over 250 Senior UK Leaders. We ask sponsors to not make their sessions a "sales pitch" as it's ineffective for our events.


    Networking Time


    Networking time is very important at our events, sometimes, even more important than the 1-2-1 meetings.


    Because of this, we can offer facilitated breakfast networking and plenty of networking opportunities throughout the day. We also allow a small amount of stands at the event which will enable you to reach more of the delegation.




  • Testimonials

    Sponsor Testimonial

    MD at Backup Technology

    The Executive Leaders Network event was excellent. The quality of the IT Leaders attending and the specific conversations we had were all of very high quality. We have lots of good leads with specific requirements to follow up urgently.

    Sponsor Testimonial

    Senior Account Director at Bluesource

    Quite honestly, the organisation of the whole event from the detail provided on each and every delegate and their specific areas of interest, the quite obvious personal relationship you and Anthony have with delegate’s to the quality of the dinner speakers was outstanding. As you know, we had back to back, intimate, business focused meetings all day with the key decision makers and influencers that are through regular communication channels are so difficult to reach.

  • 1-2-1 Meetings


    The meetings are 20 minutes in length, pre-qualified and agreed with the sponsor & delegate before the event. In order to help you select who to meet with, we ask our delegates to choose first (after an intense marketing campaign in which we promote your products and/or services). Once our delegates have made their choices, we send you a list of requested meetings as well as a profile for every delegate who is attending (excel format). This profile will include their:


    · Name

    · Job Title

    · Company Name

    · Their Top 3 Challenges

    · Budget information

    · Purchasing needs in the next 6/12 months

    · Number of employees


    Once you have received this information, we ask you to cross reference the attendees with your sales team, take into consideration which delegates have requested to meet with you and then send us a top 25 "hit list" of delegates that you would like to meet. Once received, we will put your personalised itinerary together & confirm your meetings.


  • Roundtables

    The process is similar if you are hosting a roundtable. We send you a list of delegates who have requested to join your discussion and ask you to take this information into consideration and send us a wish list of attendees.

  • Delegate Qualification

    For an end user to be able to work with us, they have to complete a detailed registration form and sign a formal contract stipulating their attendance. We don't charge the delegates to attend but there is a cancellation fee.


    What makes us different?

    Our delegate acquisition process is very organic; we only want to work with delegates who want to work with us. Therefore, we do not have a team of tele-sales agents calling delegates and asking them to attend our event. We prefer to build a programme & market the agenda and let delegates come to us. Once they have completed a registration form, we then qualify them and follow up with a call.


    This ensures we are working with delegates who are bought in to the event and want to be there because they have challenges that they are looking to overcome. This helps us keep our "drop-out rate" very low. Our CXO Event has multiple streams (CIO, CMO, CISO, CFO & HR) and over 250 senior level attendees making us one of the biggest "meet the buyers" events in the UK.


  • Marketing your products and services.



    We do a lot of prep work before the event and we work closely with your marketing team and run a full marketing campaign for you. Within this campaign we will drip feed your:


    • Value proposition,

    • Company white papers,

    • Case studies,

    • Testimonials,


    We will ask you to write a blog(s) and include them in our monthly newsletters, we can also host videos on our website for you. Every sponsor will have a content page within our website. This content page is used by our delegates to find our more information about you. We also make sure we relay your company message throughout all of our social media outlets.


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  • Who do we work with?

    Below you will find a very small selection of our sponsors from the last few years

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